One of my roles at Display Devices was the product line manager of our Ultra-Bright LCD monitors. We worked with a number of clients, but generally in small custom level quantities. This presented a lot of challenges when trying to source and design products around a supply chain more accustomed to tens of thousands of units, not tens to hundred. Because of this, I developed a modular chassis system that could be easily modified in SolidWorks to accommodate different sized displays and even manufacturing changes. We manufactured 32″ – 82″ displays. 

The goal of our Ultra-Bright LCD line was to provide displays that were significantly brighter than standard displays. We were able to achieve up to 5,000 nits of brightness on some displays. Standard displays are around 600 nits. In order for an LCD display to work during the day, and in direct sunlight, they need to be around 3,000 nits or brighter.