With a handful of friends, we designed, built, and competed in the Denver and Los Angeles Red Bull Soapbox Races.

Due to the application process, we were limited to a two month build schedule for each project. Thanks to a bunch of free Red Bull we were able to complete both cars on-time.

We did well in both competitions. We are the only team to podium and win People’s Choice, and we did it both times. We took 1st place in Denver and 3rd place in LA, as well as People’s Choice at both events.

In Los Angeles we raced a Mach 5 replica. We knew that this course would have larger elements, like the huge metal berm and a couple of jumps. We felt like this matched the look and feel of racing the Mach 5 perfectly. In front of 100,000+ people, we raced to the fastest time of the day, while taking 3rd Place in the overall rankings, as well as taking home the People’s Choice award.

For the Denver event, we recreated the last scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, where the Ferrari flies out of the back window of the garage. Our driver is actually laying down inside of the car, and looking out of the back panel, which is semi-transparent. This was a big surprise for the crowd, and helped us to win People’s Choice, on top of taking 1st Place in the race.